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Welcome! This site honors the men of the 24th Tennessee Volunteer Confederate Infantry Company "G" and recognizes their supreme sacrifice to protect home, land, and family.
These men hailed from the eastern part of Maury & western part of Marshall Counties of Middle Tennessee & fought bravely for the Southern states during the war of Northern aggression 1861-1865. Much of the surviving information on this unit was taken largely from a series of newspaper articles published in Columbia Tennessee's "Daily Herald" April 8, 15, 23, May 6, and 13th of 1904. Judge Frank H. Smith published these articles based on the recollections of friend Capt. R. W. Tindall 2nd Sergt. Co. G who possessed an original roster of the unit made at the end of the war in 1865 but without access to the Muster Rolls of the previous four years. Because of this every single man is not listed because of many recruit additions & a few's short service record.

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