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Captain, James Marshall Billington, (resigned April 1862).
1st Lieut. J. Lon Secrest. (killed at Perryville, Oct. 8,1862).
2nd Lieut. Wm. M. Shires, (resigned April 1862. Living near Old Lasea).
2nd Lieut. Joel L. Hardison, (killed at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862).
2nd Lieut. (Brevet) B. Frank Rowlett,(discharged 1862).
1st Sergt. David M. Hardison, (living near Old Berlin).
2nd Sergt. Rob't W. Tindall, (living at Leftwich).
3rd Sergt. John E. Hardeman, (living in Texas).
4th Sergt. Jasper W. Dillehay.(dead)
5th Sergt. Sam W. Daimwood (living near Columbia).
1st Corp. James A. Dougherty, (living near Chapel Hill).
3rd Corp. Wm. A. Collins (living near Franklin).

Sam Booker Aldridge (living near Caney Springs in 1904)

John F. Barham (died at Fulton, KY)
John L. Biggers (died in Texas)
Jacob Bennett (living in Arkansas in 1904)
Robert Brown (living near Kedron in 1904)
David S. Black (living near Columbia in 1904)
Sidney Black (died in Maury County)
Robert Brown (living near Kedron in 1904)

Calvin Modrell Cheek (mortally wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864)
James Clark (wouded at Shiloh. living in Marshall Co. in 1904)
Joseph Clark (died in Maury County)
Robert D. Clark (living in Hickman Co. in 1904)
Thomas Clark (died in Maury Co.)
William A. Collins (wounded at Shiloh)

George C. Daimwood (wounded at Shiloh, living near Columbia in 1904)
T. Anderson Daniel (wounded at Shiloh, living near Bethesda in 1904)
John Davis (on detatched service as Division Teamster, living near Smyrna in 1904)
Joseph Dean (lost in retreat from Bowling Green KY 1862)
Andrew Jackson Derryberry (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot through the heart)
John H. Derryberry (died on way home to Maury Co. in 1864 of dysentery)
Joseph L. Derryberry (living near Caney Springs in 1904)
Thomas N. Doughtery (living near Chapel Hill in 1904)
William L. Doughtery (wounded at Shiloh, living in West Tennessee in 1904)
Major E. Dowell Jr. (killed at the first fire, shot through the breast)
Major E. Dowell Sr. discharged for disability, buried in Williams Cemetery)

Edom Edwards (discharged for wounds at Shiloh, died on Bear Creek)
William Edwards (discharged for disability, living at Chapel Hill in 1904)
Sid Evans (wounded at Shiloh, captured and died in prison two months later)
William Erwin (moved to Obion Co.)
James Evins (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot through the brain)
Joseph Dean Evins (lost in retreat from Bowling Green KY 1862)

E. Fitzgerald (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot in the head)
James Fuller(killed at Shiloh)

William Graham (living in Lamar Co. Texas in 1904)

David M. Hardison (wounded at Shiloh)
George W. Hardison (wounded at Franklin, died at Hillsboro, TN)
James Hardison (died from measles at Camp Trousdale Oct. 1861)
Martin V. Hardison (wounded three times, once at Shiloh, living near Hardison's Mill in 1904.
Dr. Sam T. Hardison (inclined to Calvary 1865, banker in Lewisburg in 1904)
William Duncan Hardison (captured twice, living near Rock Springs in 1904, buried in Charles Hardison Cemetery)
William Joshua Hardison (contracted measles, sent home to die, buried in Joshua Hardison Cemetery)
Holland Harmon (dischared for disability Jan. 1862)
Tom Harmon (wounded at Shiloh, living at Dabbletown in 1904)
Edmond Harris (discharged in 1862, died at Hardison's Mill)
Merrill Hinson (died from wounds at Shiloh)
Thomas Hosford (killed at Shiloh)
William Hosford (died in Hickman Co., Gen Cheatham remarked "he was the best soldier in the Army")

David A. Jackson Jr. (wounded at Shiloh, killed at Pulaski Dec. 1864)
David A. Jackson Sr. (discharged 1862, died in 25th district)
John Johnson (discharged for wounds at Shiloh, shot through both hips)
Davy Crockett Jones (living in the Tugas Bend in 1904)
Robert Jones (discharged for disability, living near New Lasea in 1904)
Samuel Jones (died from measles at Camp Trousdale, Oct 1861)
Thomas H. Jones (a boy discharged 1862, living near Sowell's Mill in 1904)
Willis A. Jones (killed at Murfreesboro, placed on the Confederate Roll of Honor at Richmond)

Pole King (wounded at Shiloh, living near Chapel Hill in 1904)

William T. Lee (wounded at Murfreesboro, dead)
William J. Lovett (wounded at Shiloh)

A. B. (Wood) Mackay (discharged for disability, died at Beechland in 1903)
Simon L. Mcfadden (wounded at Shiloh, went to Lamar Co. Texas)
John Martin (discharged for disability)
Porter Mayfield (died in Marshall Co.)
Austin Moore (died at Flat Creek about 1890)

Charles G. Nicholson (killed at Franklin)
John M. Nicholson (died in Maury Co.)

Thomas Addison Orr (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot through the breast)

George W. Pinkleton (wounded at Shiloh, lost at Missionary Ridge)

Newton Reed (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot in the head)
Sergt. George W. Rummage (wounded at Shiloh, killed at Atlanta)

Sam Secrest (died from measles at Camp Trousdale, Oct. 9, 1861)
W.H. Secrest (living near South Berlin in 1904)
Thomas Ansberry Sharp (wounded at Shiloh, died in Maury Co. 1890)
William Anderson Sharp (living near Old Lasea in 1904, died in Maury Co. 1922)
Christian N. Shires (lving in Obion Co. in 1904)
Jacob Shires (captured at Missionary Ridge, living near Match in 1904)
Peter Shires (went to Washington Territory)
William M. Shires captured at Missionary Ridge, living near Rally Hill in 1904, buried at Shires Memorial Cemetery)

Hazard Cappon Tindall (wounded at Missionary Ridge, died Feb 20, 1864)
William Henry Harrison Tindell (buried at Jackson Cemetery #2)

George W. Underwood (discharged Oct 1861, living near Match in 1904)

Jeff Weatherly (killed at Shiloh at the first fire, shot in the breast)
Hiram M. Williams (lost at Shiloh & never heard of again)
Franklin J. Wright (wounded at Shiloh, went to Texas)
Hanson M. Wright (died at Madison GA Hospital July 1864)

Roster made at close of war by 2nd Sergt. R. W. Tindall C.S.A. 1865 and published in Columbia Tennessee's "Daily Herald" By Judge Frank H. Smith in 1904.